Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Follow UP!

Friends and commenter-s ... you should all know, that I handled the MILF comment guy with a mix of methods that works for me.

I spoke with my boss directly about this. Well, obviously, he told me what it means. This guy has gotten away with this type of thing for way too many years, however, I don't think we need to take the issue out of the building.

Essentially I have decided that this gentleman is first The Stereotype Of Older Men From Years Ago. That's his problem.

I view him as something of a caricature ... and mostly poke fun at him in my head. I mean, really, does he think he's sexy? 'Cause he isn't.

I wonder ... if I were to tell him that he has become the man no mother or father wants their daughter to run into ... what would he think?

A friend came up with an acronym that works well.

He's a G.I.L.K.

a Guy I'd Like to Kick.

I won't. But I'd like to. ;0


FrankandMary said...

Old Man Bonhomie & Testosterone wouldn't really understand(my personal opinion) if you told him much of anything, & people like that tend to not have any facility for embarrassment. I'm glad you came up with a solution that suits you.
GILK :-)

~ Lor said...

GILK - love that! Isn't it funny how often the "unsexy" guys are the ones who think they are! lol

Debra said...

dude! GILK is perfect...just perfect. good on you, kathiest, good on you! grins, sweet girl