Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Week Of Twenty-One Was Just So Much Fun

Happy Birthday and Good Morning Emily!

You are twenty-one and I am feeling it!

Look at your cornbread this morning Em.

Using our best china for a breakfast cornbread birthday cake.

Amy & Andrew wrapped her gifts the night before. I commented that I couldn't believe Emily is turning twenty-one. Amy, with a melancholy look on her face said, "Don't even talk about it." Hm, I guess we both feel a bit sad while we are feeling very happy for Emily.

Dinner with BFF ... R & K ... since the preschool days.

Amy completes lighting the candles on this Friendly's ice cream cake.

Oh, Emily is so very excited! She received the Bettsyville bag she had been eyeing for a while.

Reading her birthday card from K.

Her first every legal drink at The 99. A pinot griggio after showing her ID for the first time ever to a very nice, young waitress. Probably her age.

She asked me to order white wine with a "side of coke". Cracked me up! And then she would get the giggles each time my sister-in-law asked her about her drink or her ID. So very cute.

Like it Em? Not so much.

Bleh. Give me Pepsi!

A paddle ball and a glass of wine. Now there's a contrast for you!

Yes, Em?
"I'm going to be twenty-one soon."
Yes, you are.
Yes, Em?
"Next year I'm going to be twenty-two!"
Yes, Em. You are. But you know what? Let's just enjoy twenty-one for while. Okay?

Oh yeah, and The 99? They just really, really need to serve a better house pinot. Bleh.