Monday, November 30, 2009

December 2

Twenty-one! !!21!! ***21*** TWENTY-ONE Twenty. One. twowentywon!!!!! 2.1. 21

Happy Birthday Little Weasel, Princess Pea, Emmabeans, Miss Em, Hunny Bunny, Wheeze, Emmilyschmemily, Baby Girl.
You are funny, smart, clever, witty, pleasant and not.
You are hardworking, serious, loving, caring and kind.
You are joyful, happy, easy going.
You are a shopper.
You are loyal, a good friend.
You are bright and shiny.
You are that twinkling star, the moon, the sun on a cloudy day.
You are stubborn, mulish, moody and sometimes sullen.
You are energetic and lively and ready to go!
You are exciting, challenging, worthwhile.
You are a worrier, perfectionist, neatnik!
You are confident, poised, gracious.
You are a brunette, a blond, a bright pink and a red head.
You are layers of love, joy, wonder.
You are interesting, entertaining.
You are a quiet room.
You are chocolate pudding, thick and warm from the pan, creamy and rich and filling.
You are light and fluffy whipped cream topping, chocolate chip cookies and jelly sandwiches.

You are Emily.

Bangs driving you crazy? Me too!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Resistant To Change

Or Old Car vs New Car
Emily is often resistant to change ... or perhaps it's that she is a loyal human being. So it came as no surprise to me that she has this chagrined look on her face when I tell her,
"This is your last picture with the van. We are getting the new car today."
"Mom, no new car."
I explain that it is time. That the car is old and tired and worn out and it's going to cost a lot of money to repair it. You'll love the new car!
"No." huff, huff, stomp, stomp.
Go ahead, state your displeasure however you have to ... the new car is coming home whether or not you want it to.
Our 2001 Nissan Quest van still had Great Good Looks after one hundred and fifty thousand miles, a lot of song singing, road trips and errands and some body work after that old lady hit me not once, but twice: a decision had to be made ... put a years worth of car payments into the Quest? Or buy a new car?
She needed a transmission sensor, a transmission control box, left front CV joint, rear suspension, an engine knock sensor and an inspection sticker. It was time for an oil change and tire rotation. And that cement mixer sound? There was ...
No contest.
New car won.
Oh, is that you grinning Emily? Do you like our new car?

Shiny, new (to us) and blue!

I don't believe I have ever seen an engine compartment quite this clean. Very clean and oh-so-pretty!

Emily and Dave check out some of the dashboard features and of course, Emily is on the phone to BFF Kailey.

Me? I'm all moved in. The bulldog is on the dash. And I am grinning from ear-to-ear!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thankful On Thanksgiving Thursday

Thank you ...

...for the anticipation of a family gathering with good food. For great nieces and nephews and in-laws (well, okay, sometimes ...) who come to visit. And even those who don't.

Thank you ...

... for my new car, my warm cozy house, the lovely rural town I live in. For woods for walking and streams for enjoying and Mr. Baker and his WWII airplane (whatever it is).

Thank you ...

... for keeping Mark safe.

Thank you ...

... for the New Jersey gang and the love they share with everyone they meet. For cousins near. For cousins far. For family ties and family connections.

Thank you ...

... for Mackey, Bob and Mac. And their fur. And my vacuum.

Thank you ...

... for my sister Maryanne and my brother Barry. And although he hasn't spoken to any of us in many years, thank you for being who you used to be.

Thank you ...

... for Amy, (the love of my life) who right now, in her pj's is driving two pies down to The Salem Mission for their Thanksgiving dinner.

Thank you ...

... for Emily (the love of my life) who keeps me interested, entertained and honest in all things.

Thank you ...

... for this keyboard, this PC, this desk and this electricity because although it isn't green, it is useful and I use it.

Thank you ...

... for David. For being supportive and kind. For his hard work. For his energetic personality.

Thank you ...

... for my new car. (again) It has had me giddy and grinning for three days. And David, (again)who is washing it as I type.

Thank you ...

... for New England weather, the Pats, the Sox, the Celts and the Bruins, even though I think they are highly overpaid and overrated they make for lively conversation.

Thank you ...

... for Massachusetts politics which are never dull and boring but always make me yawn.

Thank you ...

... for those people who put others before themselves. Firefighters, police officers, EMTs, Paramedics, 911 Dispatchers. For they are the ones we can lean on when we need help and Fast!

Thank you ...

... for golf. (need I say more?)

Thank you ...

... for Barbara, Helen, Peggy, Tina, Ann, Bonnie. For Brian, Warren, Ron, Chief, Jim. For Andrew. For Judi. My real time friends. Who lift me up when I fall down. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you ...

... for Belle, Donna, Donna, Amanda, John, Kristen, Greg, Lori, Cathy, Mortimer, Dave, Guido, Sugar, and all the rest. You know who you are my FB friends, my blogging buddies. (Really, it isn't personal if I missed your name)

Thank you ...

... for turkeys, squash, peas and carrots. For gravy, stuffing, potatoes and corn. For an oven that bakes and a kitchen that I love to cook in.

Thank you ...

... for patriotism. Because without it we wouldn't be free. Thank you for all the men and women who serve this country every single day. Here and abroad. In government offices and on military installations. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Because even though I am sometimes quick to criticize, I know you are working for all of us.

Thank you ...

... for the greatest country in the world to live in. And for space exploration. Because maybe someday I'll be able to change my address to ' 1 Out Of This World Ave'. Or maybe Amy and Emily will.

Thank you ...

... for the sun, the moon, the stars, the oceans, desserts, prairies and wildlife. Oh, thank you for so much wonderful wildlife.

Thank you ...

... for Boston Common, The Public Gardens, Fanueil Hall. For Salisbury Beach, Plum Island and Rye, New Hampshire. For The Great State of Maine. For Revere Beach. The Mystic River Bridge. For Salem Willows and Independance Park. For Danvers and TJ Maxx.

Thank you ...

... for summer flowers of pink, white, yellow, orange, purple. For fall leaves and green, green grass. For breezes that gently rustle the leaves and wind that whips the waves into foam.

Thank you ...

... for cutting edge medical care and research not twenty minutes from home. For the parking garages and the ease of getting there.

Thank you ...

... for the not-so-great experiences that help me to grow as a person.

Thank you ...

... for everything good and everyone wonderful in my life.

Happy Thanksgiving my friends. Enjoy this day with your family, your friends, your co-workers. Make wonderful memories and share them with the generations to come.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Why You Should Keep Your Kitty IN Instead Of Out. Lady.

You should keep your kitty in because he is beautiful.
Black. Sleek. Shiny. Fluffy. Green Eyed.
You should keep your kitty in because he will get
You should keep your kitty in because he will be
Eaten by a coyote. Or worse, a fisher cat.
You should keep your kitty in because he definitely
Upsets my indoor kitties when he stands
Wailing at my patio door.
You should keep your kitty in because I fear
The dog next door is going to
Break that chain one day.
You should keep your kitty in because he will or
Could get rabies.
You should keep your kitty in because it is
A dangerous world out there for
Sleek, shiny, fluffy, green eyed, black kitties.
You should keep your kitty in because if
You love him you want him snuggled
All warm and next to you at night as you sleep.
You should keep your kitty in because he
Is going to get into really big trouble
If he stalks, hunts, catches and kills another of my birds.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Patrick's Saturday Six on Sunday Afternoon

... because I haven't done this is a long time, I am trying to get back to blogging and spend less time on Face Book and because I saw two other blogging friends (Donna and Barbara) post this today as well.

Here are this week’s “Saturday Six” questions. Either answer the questions in a comment here, or put the answers in an entry on your journal…but either way, leave a link to your journal so that everyone else can visit! Permission is not granted to copy the questions to message boards for the purpose of having members answer and play along there. Enjoy! Patrick's Place : (yeah, I don't know how to change the name of the link)

1. What is the last thing you purchased for yourself, other than basics like groceries? I bought myself a nice leather bag just the other day! Before that? No guilty pleasure items ... just work clothes.

2. What is the last thing you purchased for someone else? Christmas gifts, so, uhm, can't say what or who!

3. If you were to win a lottery, what is the first charity you’d donate to? I wouldn't donate to a charity. I would organize a charity. I have a dream ...

4. If you won that lottery, what is the first “luxury” you’d buy for yourself? New teeth! Well, not dentures ... but I'd finish the project I've been working on ... right after the doctor finds a method for closing that darned hole in my jaw.

5. Take the quiz: Do You Put Yourself First or Last? Should not have bothered. I knew the answer. I also know I should change this.

You Put Yourself Last
You take everyone's needs seriously, except for your own. You mean to take care of yourself, but you're always the last one on the list.While it may be tempting to lend a helping hand every time you can, you're actually not helping people as much as you could be.You are simply not at your best. You're too frazzled to really be giving anyone 100%.Take a mental health day - or even a mental health hour - as soon as you can. It's time to start getting some balance in your life.

6. When is the last time you spent an entire weekend putting yourself first? Many years ago when I was single and had the time.

I remember about Patrick that his Saturday Six's tend to open my eyes. Maybe I'll try to get back there more often.

Emily: Early Years

Emily and Mom, December 1988 Mass General Hospital NICU. Imagine ... your baby is born at 8:20 in the evening and a scant twelve hours later she is in an ambulance on her way to Boston while you are left to wonder, 'will she be okay?' Never a shrinking violet, I was on the phone to husband, OB, pediatrician and my own mother ... until someone gave in and allowed me to leave the next morning on a day pass to go visit Emily.
I found her none-the-worse for ware, in fact, I found her in better health when I arrived, wheelchair bound ... and I enjoyed the chance to hold her and rock her

Home from the hospital, being held by our friend Paula, who after having been with us when Emily was born, announced that 'the best birth control ever for a single woman is to watch someone having a baby!'
March of 1989, Emily's Christening. Godmother Bonnie, Mom, Dad and Godfather Steven.
March of 1989 Emily is snuggled into the crook of Uncle Steven's arm.
Summer, 1989, just out of the bath.
August of 1989, eight months old. This picture shows her long, wild hair and reminds me of all the visitors we had through that revolving door ... OT, PT, nurses ...
Fall of 1990, Cole School playground. The little red building behind Dave and Emily is one of the town's historic one room school houses. Sadly, in 2009 it sits neglected and lonely.
March of 1991, in the back yard. My girls were always outdoor girls. I believed in the power and benefits of fresh air and joyful child's play.
March of 1991, ready for bed. But really ready for play.
March of 1991. She didn't make it up the slide that day ... but she did a couple of years later!
Feeding the ducks and geese in Danvers at the pond by the library. 1993
1993 Winter play. She could barely move, but she was out there enjoying the cold! Four years and three months old.
Spring 1994, a visit to Shortie the sheep at our neighbors house.
Fall of 1994. We started training for princess status early ...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bits & Pieces

Someone is turning !!21!! this December and I've been sorting through pictures. Mind you, I haven't gotten any further back than 2003, but I am working on it!
Amy and Emily, Logan Airport December 2003 ... on our way to Ft. Myers!
Emily & Falstaff 2004 Brrr .... winter riding!
Go Celts! With cousin Christopher January 2005, Verizon Center, Manchester, NH.

First Special Olympics event ever. Track & Field. Spring, 2005.

With cousin Jamie, 2006.

On the beach in Manomet, Memorial Day weekend 2007.
Amy and Emily, Amesbury 2007.

Auntie Maryanne and Emily lean on the fire hydrant ... that the news van is parked in front of. NYC Spring 2008.

Topsfield Fair, Columbus Day weekend 2009. She can really toss a football!

Lots of reflection going on in my head as we approach age 21. From birth 'til now there has rarely been a dull or boring moment.

One of the best things about being Emily's Mom?
Experiencing life through her eyes.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veterans Day

I've nothing special to say, no new words to use, but I offer to those who have served, those who are serving and to those who will serve; May God Hold you close and may you experience gratefulness wherever you go.

My humble thanks to all of you, old and young, new and old, here or gone before. Without your willingness to serve your countrymen America would not be free.

I thank you for the many opportunities in my life that you helped to protect and keep intact.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Over On Face Book There's That ... and Here There's This

Our friend, Donna of 'Just Me' fame has posted a status on Face Book and asks us to do the same:

Let's see how many ppl can do this. Every day this month until Thanksgiving, think of one thing that you are thankful for and post it as your status. "Today I am thankful for..." The longer you do it, the harder it gets! Now if you think you can do it then repost this message as your status to invite others to take the challenge, then post what YOU are thankful for today.

Today I commented on myself that I am thankful for the Local Heroes Wall at our Walmart. It reminded me of the pictures I have of my dad in his Army uniform -- during WWII. (I really ought to scan and post some)

Anyway ... I could go on and on about how I haven't been here or over to your place to read or what-have-you, but you all know I just get here when I can and there when time allows and that I appreciate all of you always.

I just feel like complaining right now and telling you all the things I am ungrateful for. Is there such a thing as being ungrateful for, say, extra housework? extra tidying up? extra errands? extra grocery shopping? extra cooking? extra worrying about the people in your life? extra extra?

Typically I'm the easy going sort, but let a bee get in my bonnet or a hair across my butt and things go from bad to worse and then back to good again. Just spewing in this moment has lightened the load a bit and I haven't even written anything of interest or substance.

Folks, I'm tired. Worn out. Fed up. Finished. I cannot continue to do 'all of this' alone and I have run out of ways to be nice in the asking.

But then, D would tell me I don't ask. I just do. He might be right about that. I do just do.

I feel if the people one lives with love and respect you or have some common courtesy, they would do without having to be asked, told, cajoled, harassed, nagged, snipped at, into doing 'it'. After all, they live here for goodness sake. And they can see with their own eyes what needs doing. From the simple, taking the trash out and putting a new trash bag in ... to swishing a toilet ... it's me, me and me who get it done nearly every day. On the days I don't, well, I don't. Once in a while, someone will see the trash is overflowing and take the bag out of the barrel and put a new one in. But take the trash all the way out? Sure, in their own time. "How about now?" is what I'm thinking. The list goes on and on. Laundry. We'll start it, but we won't finish it. Vacuum? Mop a floor? Make a bed? Put something back where you took if from? Write a check?

While I'm moaning and groaning about this, I need to tell you that I recognize the folly of my ways. I do, do and do and even though often the rewards don't live up to my expectations, I continue to do, do and do. It is my own fault and I'm not sure how to fix it.

I rarely sit and enjoy an activity. Oh sure, I go to my FB page, I play some computer games, I sort through pics on the PC and I watch a few television shows a week. All the while, my head is spinning with the thoughts of what needs to be done, how much time I have to get it done and there is no real relaxation going on.

You see me sitting, but I'm not chillin'.

So, that's what I'm ungrateful for.

Catch me on a better day if you want to know what I'm grateful for.