Sunday, November 15, 2009

Emily: Early Years

Emily and Mom, December 1988 Mass General Hospital NICU. Imagine ... your baby is born at 8:20 in the evening and a scant twelve hours later she is in an ambulance on her way to Boston while you are left to wonder, 'will she be okay?' Never a shrinking violet, I was on the phone to husband, OB, pediatrician and my own mother ... until someone gave in and allowed me to leave the next morning on a day pass to go visit Emily.
I found her none-the-worse for ware, in fact, I found her in better health when I arrived, wheelchair bound ... and I enjoyed the chance to hold her and rock her

Home from the hospital, being held by our friend Paula, who after having been with us when Emily was born, announced that 'the best birth control ever for a single woman is to watch someone having a baby!'
March of 1989, Emily's Christening. Godmother Bonnie, Mom, Dad and Godfather Steven.
March of 1989 Emily is snuggled into the crook of Uncle Steven's arm.
Summer, 1989, just out of the bath.
August of 1989, eight months old. This picture shows her long, wild hair and reminds me of all the visitors we had through that revolving door ... OT, PT, nurses ...
Fall of 1990, Cole School playground. The little red building behind Dave and Emily is one of the town's historic one room school houses. Sadly, in 2009 it sits neglected and lonely.
March of 1991, in the back yard. My girls were always outdoor girls. I believed in the power and benefits of fresh air and joyful child's play.
March of 1991, ready for bed. But really ready for play.
March of 1991. She didn't make it up the slide that day ... but she did a couple of years later!
Feeding the ducks and geese in Danvers at the pond by the library. 1993
1993 Winter play. She could barely move, but she was out there enjoying the cold! Four years and three months old.
Spring 1994, a visit to Shortie the sheep at our neighbors house.
Fall of 1994. We started training for princess status early ...


Donna said...

What a sweetie! Thanks for sharing; I love the pictures.

Lisa :-] said...

I love all these pictures, Kathy! What a beautiful happy girl! Isn't it fun to go back and sift through your own history?

FrankandMary said...

Your pictures tell a beautiful story.