Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Limping Along, But In A Good Way

I'm essentially over my angry tirade of the other night. Or rather the anger.  But.  There is always the fall out to contend with. 

With Miss Emily I spend hours of every day listening to her chattering along in the background.
She's not background noise exactly.  But it is like that.  When she's not home the house seems eerily quiet and sometimes borders on uncomfortable silence. 

She has many conversations with imaginary people.  I used to think it was unhealthy or something was 'wrong' with her but over the course of many years and many of her conversations I began to realize that her one-sided, easily understood conversations are her way of coping with events in her life.  They also entertain her.  And me on occasion.

The last few days' conversations have been difficult to get through.  She's working through it with comments like "OTL?  No, hasn't called yet.  He'll get over it".  Thinking to myself, 'yeah, he'll get over it, but will you?'  Of course she will. 

Miss Emily rallies herself and moves on to, gosh, I don't know what:  school, television shows, being  a superstar with Cd's, perfume, tee shirts and concerts. She'll live in LA and she'll date Nick Jonas.  Don't tell OTL.  He doesn't need to know.

Go figure.  Anyone who has heard her sing knows that she can't carry a tune in a paper bag, but God bless her for her enthusiasm and effort.

For my part, I just sing along. 


ADB said...

Life goes on, but I'm pleased that Miss Emily appears to be in the process of getting over it - which is the main thing, Kathy. You will as well, given time. Not a nice experience, obviously.

Adirondackcountrygal said...

She seems to be a happy person at heart and that is good!