Friday, February 20, 2009

The Brief Phone Call

State Representative Brad Hill and I just had a conversation. Brief, but a conversation none-the-less.

He called to let me know he had received my letter ( ) and wanted to assure me that he has always been and will continue to support DMR services and the citizens who need those services. He thanked me for my letter and then asked my permission to share it with "my co-workers on The Hill' to show them the type of feedback and response I am getting from the citizens of my district."

Yes! Please feel free to share my letter and thank you for your continued support and for taking the time to call me yourself.

It's always better to write from the heart than it is to follow the suit of others ... form letters don't cut it ... they aren't personal enough and they are not your own thoughts.

I haven't taken the time to figure out how to perma-link one of my own posts to another of my posts ... hence, the long link back to my original post. :::sigh::: I may, or may not, get it some day.


Fleecenik Farm said...

You can highlight the words you want to us, Open another window with with the blog entry you want to reference, then cut and paste the link from the blog post after you hit the little world thingy.

Lol sounds so silly when I write it that way

Lisa :-] said...

This is so cool, Kath. It is wonderful that the guy actually called you. We have yet to receive anything better than a form letter when we contact our Congressional Representatives.