Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Dentist Awaits. Hope He's Not Holding His Breath

Okay, the title isn't quite fair, but it's close to how I'm feeling about the dentist, the oral surgeon and an upcoming visit to an ENT.

What was I thinking? Do you remember way back when I was fussing and fuming about my primary care doc? Well, silly me. I should have just stayed with him 'cause I wouldn't have gone to see him, and had referral after referral and test after test just to have something to do all winter long.

I don't mind being busy ... but harried is another thing all together!

I dutifully followed the new PC doc's orders. Saw the plastic surgeon ... three visits later I am finished with him until the next bout of spots show up! Then the mammograms, the blood work, the bone density test.

Good patient am I.

Back to the PC to have some female work performed and then one more visit to have a thing or two or ten removed. This fair Irish skin o' mine, ya see?

Then off to the dentist whose question of the day was, "What would you do to keep your teeth?" Well, almost anything except take a mortgage. Geesh.

The referral to the oral surgeon, an extraction or three later and I am still suffering the ill effects of one extraction that included a tooth root that broke off and found itself in my sinus. The hole in the sinus healed but the sinus kept herniating into the tooth socket and so the socket is not healing.

For those of you that a weak about the knees and stomach ... no pain. Not even gross. More of an inconvenience than anything. Well, an annoyance really. I mean, it has been since the beginning of November.

Three visits, three more surgeries and I am due in for yet another follow up today. And the name of the upcoming ENT visit doc will be handed down while I'm there. I'm thinking, "oh boy! That should be fun!" (not) But someone has to get the root out of my sinus ... so I can drain and blow my nose and you know, breath. :::sigh:::

I'm not sure I want to see this guy again ... but ...

The flowers he sent me last week after my third surgery to heal the socket? Beautiful!


Fleecenik Farm said...

oh Tauntie, I sorry this sounds like an ordeal....

Muhd Imran said...

Wow. That is a lot of procedures done. An ordela indeed. Would have cost a bomb if one is not insured.

Hope all is good again and you're as happy always.

FrankandMary said...

Kathy, sounds like I've been having a picnic up against what you've been through. Damn. I complained to you in email. JUST FORGET IT!;-0

Flowers? Oh, well....that makes an inconvenience(a big painful one) less inconvenient.

~ Lor said...

Oh my...sounds like you've been through hell & high water! Hope you are feeling much better...maybe stick to an apple a day vs. making appointments next time, lol.