Saturday, September 12, 2009

Clean Up!

Fall is fast approaching and for me, just as in the Spring, I must do some nesting and clean up. Today I have spent an hour or so at the PC just going through digital pictures, making new folders, sorting, deleting and trying to cement in my head 'just where that picture is filed'.

So here is a favorite picture of Mac and Bob. The lazy guys ... who don't do anything to help us clean up or out.


But. They are cute.


Missie said...

Those are great pictures of the cats!!

Have a good week.

Lisa said...

Sounds like it's been very productive at your house... and don't those darling cats look cumfy?! We've decided to keep one of our kittens... of course it's taking some convincing the husband LOL. Hugs,
Lisa in Kentucky

ADB said...

Cats are here to remind us not to take life too seriously.

~ Lor said...

They are so sweet sitting there in the window together...I just want to hug them. How are you doing with your organizing? I was doing really well, stopped for a bit and have restarted. Maybe I'll finish by the end of fall?? Maybe? :)