Saturday, November 8, 2008

On A Lighter Note

Today I was off to have two cars inspected ... both failed. Miserably. One for emissions. The other for safety. Geeze Louise, can I catch a break?

The emissions fail/rejection will be okay. The 'service engine soon' light lit up about a week ago and the man was able to run the diagnostics, tell me what the problem is (or was) and turn off the light. My van has been rejected and I have to drive for 200 miles and then go back again. If the light stays off the car will pass, if it comes on again. Well. Repairs will be in order. I guess. Bleh.

The safety fail is another story on another car. And one might wonder why I am bringing two cars for inspections on a Saturday morning? Just 'cause I'm nice.

Four tires. FOUR. TIRES. One more bill to add to the pile which does get paid but makes me just a little nutty. "I'm real sorry, ma'am." "I have to put a rejection sticker on the car." Do what you have to do ... it's not his fault after all.

It seems the two front tires have lost the inside edge ... and the two rear tires are, well, worn out from all that spinning. Yippee!

"You aren't supposed to drive the car at all after a safety fail." "I know that's not realistic because you have sixty days to make the repair." "Do not let your daughter go on any long trips."

How to feel safe in one easy sentence. :::sigh:::

But here is the lighter note. On the way home from the second car inspection, in a round-a-bout way Emily & I were driving past a craft fair. It so happens that this is also a fund raiser for The American Lung Association (I think) run by two young women, one of whom we know and suffers from fibrosis in her lungs. She's had a rough year or two with this disease but keeps plugging along doing the best she can.

While there I came across a young man and woman -- and I'm not sure which is the artist, but they obviously work together and darn, if there items weren't whimsical and just a teeny bit feisty in some cases.

Go check them out. Monkey Chow.

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Debra said...

dude, this sorta reminds me of when i was getting my master's in georgia but still had a pennsylvania driver's license with a car with tags for pennsylvania too; so i returned to pennsylvania to get my car inspected. and it failed. so i drove it how many hundreds of miles back to georgia, and got it inspected there with no problem (ya know once i got all the tags, registration, and driver's license all switched over). sigh, grins, those days long behind me, hopefully, debra