Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting Excitement In Smallville!

I was up early and off to the polls before work.

As I approached the polling place a steady stream of vehicles were in front of and behind me.

The biggest worry of the process was getting beyond all those electioneering fools, who do not have the right to wear a pin, hat, shirt, bumper sticker or other article with a candidates name on it IN to the polls, but they do have the right to stand just 150 feet from the entrance doors and, you know, electioneer.

I have to admit it was an impressive group of people; lively, noisy and dangerously close to the moving vehicles. Dangerously. The good news is for the first time in the history of this town, school children and carpool lines were not in the mix. We closed the elementary schools for the day. Yeah, I know. Novel idea.

Just as I was turning into the parking lot one of these dedicated souls stepped off the curb and into the direct path of my moving car. Geeze Louise! Buddy, just in case you didn't know I am already wondering if those very young children holding signs that are way too tall and heavy for them, are going to drop one into the path of oncoming traffic or worse, onto a car going by. But never mind that. What in the name of gawd are you thinking?! We are driving here and all of you are distracting us.

And while I'm on the subject of you dedicated fools ... why are all of your cars parked in the front row of the parking lot, making a longer walk for the old folks in town? Oh, yes! We have electioneering to do!!!

I respectfully suggest that at the next dammed election for anything ... there should be barricades up for you fools to stand behind ... about three or four feet from the curb. That way, the motorists won't be worried about the falling signs or running one of you over.

I made it passed the dammed fool and into a parking space in the far reaches of the lot and sat for a minute collecting my thoughts before I headed in.

Question 1: No.
Question 2: Yes.
Question 3: No.

I followed the blue line to precinct three and walked up to checker-in-people, all retirees who have the time and the dedication to work from 6:30 AM until after 8:00 PM at night. Gave my street, the house number and first name and I was off to the voting booth where I completed my voting in record time.

There wasn't a whole lot on the ballot ... you know?

I heard tales of backed up traffic, overflow parking not well labeled and lines within the polling place. Such a small town ... only 5700 registered voters ... and an unofficial count of the number of folks going in per hour was 'roughly 400'. Amazing. They are coming out of the woodwork.

So. Now it is time to sit back, watch the tube and wait. Wait. Wait. Wait.

But this wait is just so much shorter than the entire campaign!


ada said...

The wait is coming to an end...

Lisa :-] said...

The wait is over.

History is being made every minute.

What a fascinating time to be an American.

gem-collage said...

Hi Kathy,
thanks for the smile...I needed it!
you got this bloggerworld figured out,
I'm walking in a maze LOL!
and I made it here to yours, thanks for your email and directions.

krissy knox said...

Thanks for your comment in my blog.

I am reading your description of the polling place and your voting last night, and it's well, funny! You have such a great sense of humor, which is displayed by your way with words. You're so witty!

Yes, I realize it's not funny that those campaigners jumped on you when you approached the building to vote, but it IS funny the way you described it!

Anyway, I am stopping by to say I am going to have a good attitude about our country. It's just something I am determined to do. Obama is the president so I will just work with him. I'll never agree with him on the abortion issue, but I will work with him on the things we have in common, and I'll try to make my country the best it can be. I will help others, and do what I can for my country and others! Perhaps I need to take up some official volunteer again... I'll also try to remain positive and hopeful! And I am going to join other Christians who will be praying for the next 77 days until Obama takes office, that things go well as he is president... If you know anybody who wants to join me, just let me know.

Krissy :)

Dornbrau said...

Just about every school in town was a polling station so lines were almost non-existent. In contrast there were only 3 early voting polls and the lines were between 3 and 6 hours long. My county was boasting new computers and I was excited but there was only one at my polling place so I did the old fashioned fill in the bubble vote. I was disappointed in the results but am optimistic for the future.

~ Lor said...

Oh my - sounds like you had quite the adventure too...Glad that person didn't accidentally make you splat them! :) Good for you for sticking with it and making your vote count. Hugs ~ L

Muhd Imran said...

Hello Kathy,

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving your message.

Guess, by this time the election is over and Obama is your new President. A historic win.

Hope his leadership will benefit all the people of the US and with its superpower stance, the people of the world too.

Congrats to you and everyone there.