Saturday, November 1, 2008

Saturday Stuff

It's been a busy week. Brain surgery, a trip to Maine, hand surgery. My sister did well with her surgery but she is just 'not right'. That being said, I'm sure it's due to my BIL still being in Boston recovering from his surgery. She's anxious to see him and to have him home.

The bad news is he's still feeling crappy with palsy and vertigo. The good news is, he will be sent back to Maine on Monday and will do a stint at a rehab spot in Maine, at least unti he is able walk further and without assistance.

My sister's dogs were full of fun and giggles the twenty-four hours or so I was there. One even chewed a chapter out of a book. Fortunately for her, it was my sister's book, not mine. I would have had to, oh I don't know ... I love animals too much to hurt one, but I'd have been really, really, really angry. My sister just said, "Well, I'm missing a chapter, but I have the end of the book!"

While I was gone Emily and Dave decided they would get all the Halloween decorations out and surprise me.

It was a surprise -- half pleasant one, although I had specifically told David, when he queried, 'are you going to decorate for Halloween?', that I was too busy to worry about getting it all out, up and then put away.

So now, I guess, I just have to worry about getting it all put away.

Let me pose a question. Why is it, in life, that when someone is helping you out, it tends to turn into more work for you?

Tomorrow is Special Olympics fall finals for soccer. It will be very cold starting out and then improve as the day wears on. The facitility for the final games of the season is beautiful and wonderful photo ops present themselves each year. I'm hoping this year to take advantage of the location in between games and get some nice fall shots of the salt water marshes.

I'm missing all my AOL alerts -- they were about the only mail I got!!! It's a bit quieter on the Buddy List too. I believe things happen for a reason and so here we all are. The reason may never be known, but we are where we are supposed to be.

I have created a gmail account, but since I am clueless as to what 'everything' is for, the address won't be linked here until there is some time to figure it out. I am eventually going to just make AOL disappear from my PC and will access it only through the www method.

Do any of you know, off hand, why is it that some commenter's alerts come to me in their own e-mail address and others come via 'noreply'. And just where-oh-where do I make it so it's commenters e-mail addresses ... or do I do that for myself and you do that for yourself?

That's my one other big question of the day? I'm fairly certain it's as clear as mud.

Happy Weekend All!


Astaryth said...

I've only been using AOL thru the now for a few years. I checked e-mail, used my FTP space, AOL Pictures, and my blog all without putting their bloated software on my last 2 laptops. I never liked the way they turned the web browser within the client software wonky by adding their code to it... it made it unstable and caused problems with quite a few sites.

Anyway, what I am getting too is that if all you are really using AOL for is e-mail (and even news), you can already do so from and delete the client software off of your machine.

As for gmail... I think you will find that it isn't so different from AOL's e-mail.

One more thing.. I was thinking about moving completely away from AOL for all of my stuff now that the Journal product and Hometown are gone. In fact, I have already started moving a lot of my e-mail stuff to my g-mail account... BUT... AOL just revamped their front page for and I am surprised (and pleased in a weird way) to see that I really kind of like it. I might even like it better than my igoogle home page.... Hmmmmmm... I'm not saying I am going to jump in and make them my home page, but I am going to watch them and will at least be popping in to see what they are doing with it. Before seeing that new opening page yesterday I wouldn't have given AOL another year before closing down... now... I'm not so sure. This new revamp may actually bring them back some page hits.

MyMaracas said...

I don't have the answers for your email questions, but I'd suggest you go to the Help community on Blogger and ask. It's a really nice group of people there, all ready to help.

I'll be figuring out how to cut the cord with AOL too, soon as I have the time. They have nothing I need anymore, sad to say.

I also want to thank you for your understanding and kind words on Havenwood, and I've left a Friendship Award for you there.

As Walt would say, Hugs.

~ Lor said...

Every time I think I'm really getting the hang of the "new" place, there's something that comes along to confuse me again. Sigh. AOL's changes are making me wonder if they aren't going to be one of the next casualties of this strange & scary economy...

I'm glad all the surgeries, trip & Halloween went well. Onto speedy recoveries for all! Hugs, ~ L

krissy knox said...

I was trying to figure out that no-reply vs. email address thing myself. It must be, uhm, well I don't really know, LOL!

Oh! I think I've got it!!! It is what each commenter chooses to put on his/her Blogger Profile Page!

If a commenter chooses to put his/her email address on his/her Blogger Profile Page, then it will show up on the email that is sent to your emailbox -- Kathy.

If a commenter chooses NOT to put his/her email address on his/her Blogger Profile Page, I bet the comment email would show up in your emailbox with a no-reply on it.

I think that's correct. It's whether or not each of your blog commenters chooses to include their email address on their Blogger Profile Page, that determines whether or not their email address is included on the email that is sent to your emailbox, after they comment in your blog. (We're talking about the email you are receiving because you chose the settings in your blog to receive an email each time someone comments in your blog.)

That has got to be it! I can't think of any other way as to how it could work... What do you think?

Some people choose to share their email address on their Blogger Profile page (by typing their email address into the box that asks for it, on their "edit my profile" page).

Then there are those who create Blogger profiles and decide not to share their email address with anyone (they keep their email address private by leaving the box blank that calls for it, on the "edit my profile" page.) Those who choose not to give it out just don't want others to have it, I guess.

So your blog comment emails which contain no-reply instead of an email address, must be from those who have chosen not to share their email addresses with ANYONE, not just you. They simply withold their email address from their Blogger Profile page. Does that make sense?

If you want to know more about the identity of a commenter, because you can't figure out who they are after receiving one of those no-reply emails, simply click on the link provided in the email. This link will be the commenter's name he/she is choosing to to go by on Blogger/Google. Clicking the link will take you to his/her Blogger Profile page... From there you can go to one of his/her blogs (providing he/she has one). You still won't know the commenter's email address, but you probably will be able to figure out their identity, anyway!

I hope that helped some, Kathy! Now I have to go eat my steak dinner, LOL.

Krissy :)