Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Well, You Did Have Brain Surgery

I had mentioned the other day that my bil and my sister would both be having surgery this week. bil, Tom had his surgery on Monday. Eight hours on an operating table. Yikes! I don't know if you'd have gotten me there, but I guess if I really needed to have surgery, I would. Eeuuuwww.

I may have trust issues.

He's doing as well as can be expected I suppose. He has no hearing in one ear, he can barely walk, his ear hurts and he has Bell's palsy. In short, he's still a mess. But this is only Wednesday. Tomorrow is a new day.

Since he is closer to here than home he has my number to reach me for anything he might need and so we had a brief conversation: How are you? Barely hear-able -- "Okay" and then he lists the same complaints he listed for my sister. "It's hard to talk when your face is drooping." Yes it is. I have experienced Bell's palsy myself -- twice. "I can barely walk." "My ear hurts." "I feel like crap." "I'm dizzy." "I'm nauseous."



You did have brain surgery.


I am heading north tomorrow to pick up my sister from the hospital there after she has her surgery. She will be on the operating table for an hour or so. Well, that's what she said. And although she's not having surgery on her brain, it's got to be better than Tom's.

An extra good wish in their direction would be appreciated. I'm hoping he is allowed to come home on Friday so that the two of them can settle into their routine for the next two to three weeks: sitting. More sitting. And more sitting.


D said...

good to hear he came thru ok... still sending good vibes and strength

DesLily said...

you sure have your hands full.. I hope all continues to go well.

Debra said...

yes, the surgery is quite traumatic for the body, what with anesthesia, the invasion, and then there is the actual cutting and connecting and removing and yeah, surgery itself is traumatic let alone the actual reason for the procedure! hope that recovery goes as smoothly as possible, debra

Judith HeartSong said...

I hope all goes well. Thinking of all of you.