Sunday, October 26, 2008

Officially I'm Crazy. Off The Record, I'm Nuts

It's been an unusually long week. And it's just starting.
Today my sister and brother-in-law arrived so that I could drive them into Boston to deliver him to the hospital for a surgery tomorrow. He will be in the hospital until later in the week. He will ride back to Maine on a VA Shuttle Van Service.
She has driver herself back to Maine and I will drive to Maine on Thursday to retrieve her from the Maine hospital where she is having her surgery.
This was not the original plan, but everyone knows that things change; consequently plans change.
Throw a little Halloween into the mix and HSM 3 Senior Year! and there are going to be, bound to be some logistical problems. Argh!
To change the start of this unusually long week I asked Mackey ... just what he thought of the busy week coming up.

I'm officially crazy and off the record nuts because this weekend, in addition to prepping some meals for the week ahead and laundry and taxi-ing to Boston ... I've attempted no less than five times to transfer my AOL journal here to Blogger. And guess what? I go to my dashboard and see I have not one, two or three blogs, but a slew of them ... all with names I've given them, but not one dammed post in them. NOT ONE.

I'm madder than a wet hen! Does anyone know what that refers to?


Donna said...

And you did NOT start them? Or did you start them and forget about them? Otherwise, somebody must have gotten your SN and password and done it.

D said...

go to magic smoke about the journal issue.. maybe they can help... supposedly they have an alternate way and will start Monday.. time will tell as I've not gotten mine over.. GRRRRR

Sending good thoughts for the drives and surgeries.
love ya

Lisa :-] said...


You have to PUBLISH the posts to make them show up.

Go to "Imported" posts and you will see your posts.

Then click on "Publish Posts" and they will publish.

I promise.

~ L said...

If he is not the cutest thing in the world, I don't know who is!

Good luck with your drive & I hope the surgery goes well too.

Indigo said...

Hope Lisa advise works for you hon. Mackey had a lot to say about the busy week ahead. He is the most adorable little man. Pickles is waving a paw HI! (Hugs)Indigo