Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Lady Never Tells Her Age - from Unedited Me 9/27/08

But can you guess?

HipHopForFunAndFitness night was a bit eventful, for a Thursday night, that is.

While playing with her little cousin prior to class, Emily tripped over a pile of exercise mats and sprained her right foot. Oh, it's fine(ish) today but she spent all of class sitting watching the women of a certain age hip hop their way to fitness with pulses, pushes, grunts, groans and sassy snaps. Eeeeegads ... my body does not move that way. Or fast. Oh, yes, it used to, but not anymore.

We are a fairly predictable couple of gals. Or maybe it's just that we get into a routine and find it difficult to get out of something that works well for us. She doesn't like unexpected change too much so I tend to go along with what is comfortable with her and not push the envelope to much in the direction of uncomfortable places or activities.

Thursday night is Papa Gino's night after class. Before we pull out of the studio parking lot I whip open the cell phone, dial Papa's and order "Pick up." "a Rustic pizza, a small order of chicken tenders with ranch dressing and two medium drinks." That'll be twenty to twenty-five minutes m'am. Just enough time to drive from the studio to Papa's with a five or so minute wait after we get there.

'The Girl With No Life' works every Thursday evening. Her real name is Michelle and she is a high school student who is one of the best workers ever. She got her nickname with us - from us because any time we go in to Papa Gino's she is working. Honest. I don't think we've gone in in the last two years that she hasn't been on duty.. Doesn't matter the day of the week, The Girl With No Life is there.

Emily & I said our hellos, poured our fountain drinks and settled in for a few minute wait. The Girl With No Life and a co-worker, new girl in fact, were discussing what they were going to do on "Friday night, Kathy. I am off Friday night!!" The new girl is talking about a movie, bowling, hanging out with friends. Michelle is discussing the book reports she is going to have due very soon and how she thinks she should consider getting some of her school work done ahead. (Silly girl -- go out Friday night!)

The discussion moves tot he books they will be reading for classes this year: The Great Gatsby, The Scarlet Letter, Beowolfe and as Michelle says, "In Cold Blood", she waves me up to the counter to pick up our order for take out. I say, "In Cold Blood?" She nods and says, "Yes! I heard it's pretty intense." I agree with her and tell her it is intense but not like a scary movie kind of intense. It's much ... "it's a true murder story. Right?" In Cold Blood - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Well, yes, it's about two men paroled from prison who commit a mass murder and .... "I don't really know anything about it, except I know it the book was written before I was born." Yes. Yes it was.


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About your title. I would rather tell my age than my weight. lOL