Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Welcome To Flamingo Feathers

Well. Here I am having moved on from AOL- J. I want to rage against the man for this insult and offense but I know it's useless to get myself all in a tizzy.

Instead, I'll mosey on over here and set up my new digs in a new neighborhood. I'll welcome new friends and old friends and see where this goes.

I'm sad. Or rather, melancholy. What of Walt, Pam, Kim? Our other J-land Angels? What of their journals and the journeys we shared with them? My heart is in my tummy for the loss of our community, but I think I can ...

Embrace Change! I don't really have much choice now. Do I?

Welcome to Flamingo Feathers!


D said...

gotcha trying to catch up..

Robin said...

I'm an Air Force wife...I can handle anything, right?

Mostly i don't want to learn a new program...but I will do what I have too. Our military life is so full of change there are just some things I want to stay the same and JLand was one of those things.

Kicking up my feet, tossing back a margarita and hoping for the best. Change can be good, right?

Donna said...

I've blogged here for a couple of years. I actually prefer most things about it; the one thing I will miss is the album-type picture grouping.

You just watch, all our friends will be here. Times change, friends don't.

MyMaracas said...

I'm saving your link!

Blogger is a great service, but it lacks a center to hold the community together. At AOL that center was By the Way, then Magic Smoke. Hopefully, the new version of the latter will suffice.

Hope to see you around!

Indigo said...

Delighted to see you this side of the fence dear friend. (Hugs)Indigo

DesLily said...

welcome to blogspot..

I moved here long ago but kept aol and just copied and pasted to it seems I will loose all the photo's in blogspot too since all photo addy's are aol addys to file manager or aol picturs (I have copies but they will all disappear from blogspot).. not sure I will "start a new or not yet" but thanks for coming by!

I don't use the "followers" thing (that's new to blogspot) I just keep a list on "favorites" and visit every one that I keep there at least once a day..