Thursday, October 2, 2008

Oh Dear! A Snafu!

I've been adding myself at your blogs by utilizing the 'follow this blog' button and creating a reading list from the blogs I follow, in the dashboard area.

Suddenly, I have a reading list but no snippets from your blogs. Wah.

I'm just hoping 'TheBlogger' is only experiencing high usage pains and this too shall fix itself in no time.


Update less than five minutes later: All better!


Donna said...

I've been on Blogger for two years and am just now discovering some neat stuff I had not been taking advantage of.

Of course, no housework is getting done.

alphawoman said...

Hmmmmm....I'm on my blog page (via dashboard) and each updated enty is right there. I'm going through them now. I, like your other commenter, have never used this feature before and I am loving it! Great way to keep the AOl-J-Land jnls special, apart from my bloglines.

D said...

if you click on the list on the left you'll see snipets of the last few posts on the right.. just click on the entry and poof you're there to see it all :)

carlene said...

This is all sooooo confusing! I like your journal her..ur 'blog'...I must admit I care not for the 'blog' word..sounds sort of like something wiht a lot of mud in it!!! lol But you have yours set up so pretty!

Gonna try to post this and 'follow you' lol
love ya,

carlene said...

ok.........I just posted a comment an got to do it again cause the fierst one got wiped out...I was being a b--ch ( see I can be one too) and complaining about the word "blog" sounding like a pen with a lot of mud in it...hehehe...maybe I was bleeped out!!! lol
love ya,

carlene said...

oops! :-)

gdireneoe said...

((((((KATH!!!!)))))))) Did I know this? Love you my friend...hope to join the blog world again very soon. code to leave a comment is yeimp...are they tryin' to tell a girl something? ;) C.