Saturday, October 4, 2008

If It's October It Must Be Topsfield Fair Time

This weekend has so far been dedicated to the entertainment of Emily, H'auntie Maryanne and myself. Sis arrived on Friday afternoon and as soon as Emily was off the bus we headed to Topsfield for opening night of 'the Fair'.

Highlights of the Fair for me are the RCMP, the ladies bathroom attendant at the Arena Building and the kids pumpkin decorating. Oh yes, and I should mention the largest pumpkin contest.

We do purchase a few ride tickets and while we drive over on opening night and park in the main lot, on Saturday we take the shuttle bus which is just so easy ... the traffic on Saturday is backed up for miles and miles.

A few of our moments: The maniacal laughter in the background is none other than the videographer -- me!

This is 'The Surfer'. The ride is similar to a tilt-a-whirl gone horribly wrong. It looked mild enough. As my sister shouted, "For gawd's sake, I'm sixty-five years old! What am I doing on this?" That little fuss cost her a video.

Harley the Hallamore dog.

Mrs. Essex County returning to the Arena.

I'm not a fan of petting zoos, but I always visit because I feel that the animals need the love and attention of folks like me. This little llama knows how to open the hatch door!
A tractor as water element in a garden.

Oh, golly! The Himalaya. Mild. Real mild.


Donna said...

Tilt-a-whirl gone wrong sounds like MY kind of ride. The tilt-a-whirl is my favorite ride of all time.

D said...

OMG! This looks so fun... LOL tilt a whirl gone wrong....
I'm snickering here

MyMaracas said...

Thanks for the smile! The Himalaya is pretty much all the excitement I need in ride. My guys, on the other hand, always head for the biggest roller coaster in the park.

Robin said...

I could never get tired of seeing Emily's smile! What a beautiful young woman! The video clip is priceless!

Becky said...

a new reader to your blog...a Cambridge girl til I got married 17 years ago, I miss the Topsfield fair!!!!