Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Campaign Sign Crime

The holiday weekend found crime rising with the theft and vandalism of campaign signs. Interestingly only one report included which campaign the sign was representative of. Hmmm.

C'mon folks. Really. We are reduced to stealing or destroying campaign signage? Geesh.

I'm thinking there are far more fun and interesting things to do on a weekend.

You know, like holler at the Red Sox and the Patriots?

Frankly, with the way this campaign is going I'm surprised anyone has the energy to care enough about campaign signs and their placement.


Tammy said...

Hello friend. Glad to read ya again!

D said...

it's a constant.. maybe they just got tired of seeing the signs all over. We have a corner not to far from me that has 15 McCain signs.. why so many????????? GRRRRRR

Lisa :-] said...

Moat of the signs we see around here are for local politicians. I think people are too...something...to get all jazzed one way or the other about the presidential election.