Thursday, October 9, 2008

Young At Heart -- from Unedited Me 9/27/08

I know. Seems I have a tad of a theme going here. Honestly I do not. I was out shopping yesterday and while perusing the aisles of my local Walmart I came across this film.

I like folks who are older than I am. I like younger folks too, but mostly, I like older folks. Call them seniors, elders, grandparents, old, aged, what-have-you. Any time there is a gathering of older than me folks you will find me sitting with the group listening to and thoroughly enjoying their stories.

Some thing in me is made up of that.

I bought the film for the outrageous price of oh, I dunno, $19.98 and brought it home to watch. I had to wait until last evening after dinner and the wait was killing me.
It was so worth the wait. So. Worth. The. Wait. Soworththewait!

Fox Searchlight - Young @ Heart - Official Site

Rent it. Buy it. Borrow it. I've been loaning it out. Be prepared to laugh, muse, tear up and bawl like a baby. Your heart will love this movie and your brain will tell you that no matter your age You Do Have Something To Offer.

Each of us do.

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