Friday, December 5, 2008


Imagine the shock and surprise of many residents as they left town for work first thing Thursday morning!

After Thursday's surprise they find the barricades moved on Friday morning!

Small Republican town takes on Massachusetts. Small Republican town loses all hope of grant money for the foreseeable future.

I'm sure we're paying plenty to town counsel for this ... just like we did when the town stalled the Maritime's pipeline for one year. Inevitable, federally mandated, that pipeline was going in regardless the town's wishes or those of the residents affected.

The Salt Shed? Well, I keep wondering to myself, "Where was the Board of Health fifteen years ago (or more) when it was put in place? Or the Conservation Commission? Or the neighbors for that matter?" This has been ongoing and unpleasant.

That brings me to wondering why they, the neighbors aren't filing a class action suit on their own and why we, the taxpayers are footing the bill. I feel for them. I do. Property values are down, some folks are suffering health issues and the salt has spread even further since the state decided to take some remedial action. The new wells the state has put in for some have done nothing but produce more brine ...

I'd like to see some picketers out there carrying signs. Don't block the entrance. The judge has issued an injunction against the town. (I guess it was okay for Mass Highway to ignore the Cease & Desist Order though) Blocking access or entrance after the injunction would be illegal.

Still, I can't help but think that thirty-seven homes ... and all their residents plus a few friends can make quite a scene and garner some sympathy. Peacefully of course.


Muhd Imran said...

Wow! This sounds very serious.

Whenever health is involved and livelihood affected with the falling of your property prices, everybody should do something about it.

United you'll be strong. The right cause will definitely drive everyone.

Hope you will achieve your goal through peaceful efforts.

Debra said...

well, crap, kathy! ya know, i'm from pa (that's pennsylvania, altho i'm from my father too), and know a thing or two about penndot and salt sheds and sand hills and ash and chemicals and other road treatments (a family friend was an equipment super for penndot, interestingly he had the worst driveway ever); and very lil surprises me about agencies, but! dude, salt? uhm, water? uhm, salt is very salient and melts and blends and soaks into land and waterlevels and uhm, this didn't occur to the good folks that said, 'oh yeah! this is a great place for a salt shed, let's put it right here!'