Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Reflections ... On ... What?

While frittering away another day (don't ask) I've been musing and mulling and thinking on --

Things. Big things. Little things. All things in between things.

My latest acquisition of basic knowledge came in a moment of clarity while posting summer type photos on my other blog. I've known this for a long time but had been ignoring what I already knew.

I looked at the title, 'Unedited Me. Finally' and I realized for the first time in many years I truly am ... unedited ... in my writing, painting, cooking, photography, conversations. Life!
It's a good feeling to know that I don't have to keep information about my life from someone because I will be harangued or harassed if that person has knowledge about me and does not approve.

Sometimes frittering a day away is a good thing. For me, a clarifying moment will often show up when I'm working on a painting project, and arts & craft-y item, even while reading a book. The more involved my brain is away from the day-to-day art of living, the more I am open to hearing my inner workings.

My Dear Friend Barb recently presented me with a small campaign button. This button reads,

Like I need your approval?

Cool. Huh? I think Barb was in my head that day. It's okay. Good friends should be in your head with you. Occasionally.

I am no longer edited. Unless, of course, I choose to do my own editing. There are times when we should edit ourselves. But we really ought not let others edit for us.

Thanks for reminding me Barb.


Muhd Imran said...

Be true to ourselves unedited... but without forcing our opinions onto others or offending others is the best thing to do, to be, I think.

Yep, don't really need anyone's approval to be oneself. Good reminder.


D said...

aaaahhhh being oneself is a good way to go...
wanted to make sure I got by to wish you a happy new year