Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Here I am, again, with the old lament, "I'm way behind on my reading."

My usual suspects (readers) know me well enough to know that I eventually catch up on all that's going on in their blogs and lives.

Nothing's changed.

I'm just at bowling on Tuesday night, basketball on Wednesday night, hip hop on Thursday night (that's a class Emily & I take together), Friday is for the gym, Saturday morning is for the gym and then errands (or maybe reversed), Sunday is for hikes or house cleaning (which is not the same as going to church and should never be confused with worship) Monday is reserved for the gym and groceries and somehow I have to fit in twenty-five hours of work a week, you know, at work!

I have my own office work to do here and then of course there are the household bills -- which still refuse to write their own checks no matter how I beg ...

... you get the idea.

I'm reading, and commenting, but if I haven't been by in a while, please, please, don't take it personally.


Astaryth said...

LOL! You sound like me. I don't always have enough hours in a day to do what needs to be done... and if something has got to give it's usually computer time. Hang in there, you'll catch up!

Donna said...

Real life takes precedence. This Internet stuff wasn't ever meant to be a job. You know your priorities.

Enough said.

MyMaracas said...

Hey, I hear ya. I'm catching up a little tonight too. I have the same problem -- so may blogs, so little time.

D said...

LOL damn do you sleep in there too?
I know how it gets.. hell I'm home all day right now and I still can't seem to keep up. No wonder I was so behind when I worked f/t...
Oh hip hop sounds great!!
love ya