Saturday, March 21, 2009

Change Is Good. But Some Things Should Stay The Same.

A busy Saturday with Emily & boyfriend Steve; I delivered them to the movies and then I challenged myself to find or do something just for me -- mani & pedi was just the ticket! -- and then a new pair of shoes!

Not sparkly, glittery, shining shoes. No. A more sedate, adult, loafer style shoe with just a hint of a shimmer in a pale pewter. For work.
Perfect! I love them. They fit. Half the battle, I'd say -- I particularly don't enjoy shopping for shoes. (This from a woman who had to clean her childhood closet of shoes upon shoes upon shoes when she married.)

Funny how we change. Change is good. Right?

I mentioned in my tag line, some things should stay the same.

Things like a little girl's love of sparkly shoes: pink, silver, black, blue, red, turquoise, gold, all colors that little girls fancy.

I remember well, my daughters, now grown, oh-so-in-love with their sparkly shoes during their childhood. Amy was more of a white or black patent leather lover while Emily chose red. Red! Red! Red! A stand out in any crowd! (like her hair now) Red glittery, Dorothy-In-Oz shoes.

She chose them at an early age and wouldn't let go. Until we could no longer find them in a size large enough to fit her.

It was a sad realization for her that things change. Like, you know, shoe sizes.

It was a sad realization for me that she had changed, not only her shoe size -- she had grown up before I knew what was happening!

I met Emily & Steve at the movie theater and we headed off to dinner at The 99 and then for an ice cream at a local ice cream stand.
Change is good. Right?

The weather has changed to cold but sunny days, a sure sign that the seasons are changing and Spring is going to grace us with her presence and so, the lines were long but quick and I stood back and let the young 'uns do their own ordering.

I found an empty table and sat people watching. Do you know what I saw? Sparkly shoes!!!

I saw red sparkly shoes on the dark haired little one who, poised, 'just so' on the ball of one foot, spun 'round and 'round until she slipped and fell. No tears, she was back up and spinning in those I-can-do-anything-glittery-red shoes! I saw silver glittery ballet slippers on a girl just a few years older. Paired with argyle socks, in white, pink, brown and turquoise, plaid pants and a paisley jacket, colors coordinated, she was adorable and her girl confidence shown through.

I saw an older woman with tired bleached blond hair, red lipstick, and a weathered face wearing a smile, sporting -- shiny gold loafers -- her pose told me she was fine with her tired hair because she was wearing her perfectly gold shoes.

Yes. Change is good. But some things, like a little girl's love of sparkly shoes in any color she chooses, worn with any outfit of her making, shouldn't change. I think as we grow from girlhood to adulthood we replace our very obvious shine with more subtle touches ... diamonds, gold, silver, platinum, pearls.

I've figured out that it isn't just about the sparkle, the glitter or the color -- it's about building style, grace and confidence. It's about being happy! It's about feeling good!

So, next time I'm out shopping I know exactly what I'm going to get. No silly, not diamonds. Not gold or silver. Not pearls.
Change is good. Right?


Fleecenik Farm said...

So true...I remember all those shoes in your closet. And there were some pretty hip dresses too!

You were/ are quite the fashionista!

FrankandMary said...

Change is good, but even better is your writings about change. I can "see" all this like a movie. I've had people talk about how their parents gave up their dreams and I felt that, sometimes, at least, the kids were wrong thinking that. Dreams change.

I do believe I will have to be totally homebound before I give up a good mani/pedi though :-)~Mary

ps WHAT do you put on the cat toys you send? I am not joking. Now one of those fish, a sparkly, is carried around by Pema(half the time it is still the princess crown). I swear you spray them with something, because for all the hundreds of toys I have around here, she likes 2 of yours best.

Debra said...

oh how i adore you! no matter what is or is not on your feet. and like boy-toy in BirdCage says, "it's the shuuz". grins, debra

MyMaracas said...

Wow, so true! When I was little, I had a pair of ballet slippers painted silver for a dance recital. In those silvery shoes, I was a princess. You're right. Some things should never change.

Lisa :-] said...

Looks like blogger doesn't want me to comment today...

krissy knox said...

Change is not always good! A girl need never change her love for red shoes! I have a pair of mary janes that I so love, LOL. And they are in red of all colors! Ruby red! They are my favorite shoes! So change is not always good -- it's only good when it is good! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am in Hershey right now, and waiting to go to appointments w/ john tomorrow, and oh so glad to be able to take a break for a few mins tonight. Okay, bye for now.

Krissy Knox :)
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Lisa said...

I really enjoyed this entry... I was interrupted by the phone a cazillion times... then I saw a friend from J Land ... Lori from Purple Snapdragons... had to run and become a follower... so nice to have the phone stop ringing and then I got to read about the sparkly shoes.... sounds like a wonderful day and lots of great and happy observations.
Lisa in KY

~ Lor said...

I absolutely loved this post Kathy. It's funny how things do change, but one thing can bring you right back & put a huge smile on your face. Glitter is good!