Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Eight Cool Blogs

Well, Lisa over at (private) has chosen my blog as one of eight cool blogs she reads (and of course, loves ...) I am now to choose and list Eight Cool Blogs and I will, but it may have to wait a day or two. I'll post an entirely different entry for that in the next day or two.

As of this writing, I am recuperating from a not-too-major, but more-than-minor, oral and sinus surgery. So, I'm up and at it for the moment, but will be crashing soon. I'd bore you with the gory details but I don't want to gross anyone out.

The upside to the surgery is that this is the beginning of the end of the now infamous tooth incident in my life. The prognosis? Great! If I follow doctor's orders and hang in for a years worth of effort and work on his and my part.

Gees ... but it's all good. When life hands me lemons I do try to make the lemonade. And I am working more diligently at that than usual when it comes to the 'tooth' thing.

Today, I've decided I will never have a botox treatment. Even though the right side of my face is swollen enough to afford me no age lines or wrinkles (my badges of a life well lived) I'm not certain I like the look when compared to the real me of the left side.

However, I will rush out to purchase an eye shadow in just that shade of purple when I've some energy! Whew! That's pretty!

Can't eat. I'll lose a few pounds! Can't bend over. I can skip some housework! Can't go to work. Until next Wednesday!

My sister has arrived and taken Emily to all of her activities over the last twenty-four hours, Bless her, and she will finish up tomorrow by dropping Emily at her job before she heads back to Maine. Barb came by and cooked up a batch of macaroni and cheese for me as well as carting in two different types of homemade soup. Dave moved the recliner from the family room to the bedroom for me to sleep in over the next three nights. I have good friends who have been checking in and offering rides to and from ... wherever.

I am loved and cared for. I love being able to write that!

I'll be fine, but I suspect just a tad of piss-off-ed-ness is entering my head toward the dentist who balled all this up. I'm doing my best to keep it in check. After all, things happen. I'm alive and I don't have a fatal illness. I'm inconvenienced and I'd like my money back for the botched job, but I'll cross that bridge when and if I feel the need.

In the meanwhile, I have to remember, perspective comes from position.


Donna said...

I have a lot of issues with dentists. A LOT. Is it just me, or are half of the crooks and quacks?

Lisa :-] said...

Feel better soon... ((((Kathy)))) :-]

Fleecenik Farm said...

I hope you have a quick recovery. What a trial!
Get Well soon!

Becky said...

ouch...feel better soon

Debra said...

i've been sleeping with my upper partial in, cuz i'm spoda (dr's orders) but i've been having some odd dreams and when i wake up, i discover that i've been trying to eat the partial. i've not done any damage to it, cuz i've been using adhesive, but still...

and i'm way glad to hear that your senses of wit, humor, and optimism are so great! grins, winks, sweet girl

Lisa said...

Oh dear one I am going to say extra prayers for a speedy recovery for you. Nothing worse than teeth problems... I had a filling last year that just does not feel comfortable at times. I will pray for both of our teeth at the same time. So nice friends came to help with things. I love mac n cheese to this day!! Wishing you a wonderful weekend of R & R !
Lisa in KY

~ Lor said...

Thank goodness the ordeal is over. Hopefully for good! It's a great way to look at things...the lemonade and all. Don't feel bad about wanting to give a piece of your mind to the dentist. I'd want to myself. And lemons do have their "sour" side to them afterall *smile, wink* Hope you're feeling better my friend.