Saturday, July 11, 2009

Just Some Flowers -- 'Cause I've Nothing To Tell Tonight

A daylily blooming in a bucket ... of daylilies that had been removed from my back yard garden.
I finally couldn't stand the overcrowding and on July 4th (nope, no parade, no fireworks for me!) I removed all the plants, drove to Lowe's and purchased new plants and soils and paving bricks and ... wow! all sorts of things for not too much money, came home and made myself a new flower garden in the back yard.

Funny, the first day I accomplished so much in two and a half hours that I was surprised at myself ... and invited a friend over for dinner ('cause Emily was in Maine at her boyfriend's and Dave was in New Hampshire on a mountain bike ride). My friend, her daughter and my Amy and I took off to the movies to see The Proposal with Sandra Bullock and What's His Name ... oh gosh we laughed and laughed.

Then on Sunday Amy & I took my nephew Landon bowling -- three year olds are so darned cute! -- and then it was home to do some more garden work. I completed the garden Sunday late in the afternoon but my two and a half hours on Sunday accomplished one quarter of what I'd gotten done on Saturday.

This body is getting ... er ... not old, exactly, but old!

Queen's Tiara Iris Lacy Ruff Iris

Looking to the woods next to the house, just a corner of the new garden. A tiny Astilbe in front of the iris and just behind them a small holly bush I transplanted from out front. The deer were having a field day with the front garden!


Mortimer said...

I'll be back and play catch-up. I wasn't sure which one to read, thanks for the heads up!

Linda's World said...

Beautiful pictures of your flowers. Linda in Washington state

Lynne said...

Great photos! I gave you an award, go check it out before I close down my blog! Congratulations!

Lisa :-] said...

You do beautiful work. Are you for hire? Of course, you'd have to pay for your own transportation (to Oregon...) :)