Sunday, August 30, 2009

Eighteen Holes

Wait for the silly. It'll be at the end. ;) On Monday, August 17th I headed out early in the morning to Olde Salem Greens
This is the view of the club house and restaurant from the women's tee of the first hole.

to play eighteen holes in a charity tournament. The day dawned sunny and nice and quickly turned to hot and humid. The temps hovered in the 90's all day. Phew ... it was hot! And wet!

Women's tee, first hole. Tina begins her drive shot.

Our foursome is made up of myself, Tina, Lorraine and whomever we can beg, borrow, steal, cajole or pressure into playing with us! Usually we don't have to work too hard to get someone to join us. Last year, a lovely young teen joined us. She can really drive a golf ball.

The charity is in memory of friend Beth's late brother. Stephen was killed in an accident ten years ago ... caused by a drunk driver. At the time I was an firefighter/EMT for the town and responded to the call. I did not know it at the time ...

Beth and her family and some of Stephen's friends set up the foundation to honor and remember him and chose to raise money for the youth of Salem. So far the organization has donated over $100,000.00 in ten years. The money is raised through the golf tournament, a oldies dance, a comedy night and marathons that Beth runs. Big ones. Long ones. She never ran a day in her life ... and then ... she ran through her grief. And while doing that ... she has been able to honor her brother's life and memory.

Coolest place all day. Next to a marker in the shade.

Sarah and Lorraine choose their clubs for a fairway shot.

After the tournament we all head over to the Knight's of Columbus Hall and have a wonderful barbecue lunch and get to visit with the other golfers and friends who volunteer to make the day a successful one! There are many raffle prizes as well as 'good golfer' prizes. Oh, don't worry -- we never win!

Now for the funny. Lorraine, Tina and I play golf at a local, eighteen hole, three par course every Wednesday morning. In a 'casual' league that plays only nine of the eighteen holes. One week we play the back nine, the alternating week we play the front nine. There are rules and prizes and such, but the league is all level of player from beginner to expert. We like this league as there is no pressure to perform for anyone but yourself.

Last week, while standing at the tenth hole tee box waiting for the group in front to move on ... Lorraine was watching the grounds crew deliver and drop off some bushes and trees near the tee. She was looking around and as she explains it, before she said what she said ... she realized how much open space and land there is on the course ...

"You know, they have so much land here, this could be an eighteen hole course!"

To which Tina replied, "It is!"

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FrankandMary said...

18 holes nicely describes the sweat pants I wore to clean my siding and outdoor windows. "It is." Priceless.