Sunday, August 30, 2009

Today's Thinking Is Thematic

So there I was driving along thinking about my blog.

I know not why ...

I've learned that when you lose an on-line friend to death the grief you feel and experience is every bit as real as the grief you feel and experience when you lose a face-to-face friend.

Painful. Difficult to get through.
When Flamingo Feathers & I were Life on Flamingo Row @ AOL, I made a close girlfriend an ex-friend. Honestly. Honestly. It was a tough decision that two years later pains me in some ways. But it was also the best decision.

It is impossible to keep up with every blog I follow or read on a regular basis.

I am grateful for bloggers who spread the word when someone is struggling. It is good to know when you really need to stop by ... and it is good to take the time to do so.

Through blogging and reading others blogs I've finally recognized that I should be appreciated for my talents and that I don't have to live up to the talents others impose upon me because they perceive me to have a talent or ability that I do not. (see comment I made on this paragraph)

There you have it, me, waxing all philosophical. Or not.


FrankandMary said...

Others impose upon you. I think sometimes I don't recognize what others try to impose upon me(& I think some is purposeful but some is also unconscious transference)because I largely don't care.

I got an email when I started on blogger asking if I was still going to speak against people who don't pay their medical bills but do treat themselves to nice little extras & people who suck down too many entitlement programs without carrying their own weight(I'm paraphrasing), OH, HELL YEAH. ;0

Lisa :-] said...

I'm not sure I get the part about other people imposing talents on you... But I'm pretty obtuse, sometimes.

I never had a huge long list of blogs I read...maybe two dozen at the most. Of all those, I think there are maybe six or eight who are on blogger now and still blog with any regularity at all. It makes me sad. but I guess, like anything else, the blogging "community" had its season and its time. I can catch up with some of those people on Facebook, much as I hate it...

I continue to write on my blog(s), because...well, that's what I do.

Donna said...

I'm not sure I know where you're coming from, but I'm one of those who WILL NOT have other's ideas imposed on me. We agree on that.

Kathy said...

Ah yes, I've corrected my last paragraph ... it should read 'perceived talents others impose upon me' or talents others believe I possess, but that I do not.

I have a friend who is a residentional painter. Quite good at it. She cannot cook. I cook and am quite good at it. I cannot paint.

Her sons often give her 'trouble' because she doesn't cook good food regularly. I believe she should be appreciated for what she does do for her family -- earn an income, rather than what they wish or think she could do -- cook.

Nancy said...

I struggle with this type of dilemma too...not easy stuff.
I'm just glad you put it out there. We're all in the same boat for the most part...just some paddle away quicker than others.
(Even I don't know what the heck THAT


Nancy said...

Where was that pic taken??
Please email me. Thanks!