Sunday, August 30, 2009

Everyone Can Use A Little Emily

Emily loves to stick her tongue out just as I snap a picture.

"Oh relax Mom. Takenother" "Why? So you can stick your tongue out again?"

Whatever floats your boat, Em.

Prepping for a dance
She is nothing, if not all girl. From hair color to lips, the girl knows the color she wants and will accept nothing less. I guess this is good for the most part.
April 2009 ... one of the first pictures with the new camera
"Yes Mom, takenother picture." "Sure Em, while you have Amy in a death grip ... "
Salisbury Beach, August 2009
Little poser. Shake it girl!

The younger cousin is taller and the older cousin is smaller. Michael & Emily, August 2009.

Having a great visit with cousin Michael and Thomas, who is missing from the photos.
"Mom, Timber was smelling my butt." "Stay away from him then." "Eewww, it's discussing." "Yes, it is."


Lisa :-] said...

She is fabulous! :D

Donna said...

What a girl!

Astaryth said...

w00t! Em pictures! Score! You know that I like coming here and reading whatever you write, but Em has my heart :)

Mortimer said...

She has an infectious smile!

Missie said...

Seeing her smile like she does on the pictures makes me smile!

D said...

love her.. she is precious tongue out or in..... sorry I've not been around much... but I do peek in now and then... my life is upside down.. but you know that from FB. Love ya

Odd Mom Out said...

You gotta love her! She's fantastic!

Cindi said...

Em's a cutie for sure!

Lisa said...

Em is so beautiful! These made me smile! Her smile is infectious and radiating!!
Thanks for sharing!
Lisa in Kentucky