Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fairy Godmother

Today we celebrated Jazmine's Christening and first birthday.
St. Paul's church was founded back in 1878 or 1879 by estate workers of Irish extraction. From 1878 on through 1990 every priest at the church was of Irish descent. Until this priest ... who is decidedly French! Father Goudreau made the baptism interesting with his history of years past when mothers would come to the priest after the birth of their baby for a blessing, of baptisms performed on Sundays during mass, (but people will give one hour to God a week and so we don't do that anymore) He talked about water being the symbol for life and he included the little cousins in the process. They all carried the gifts and the accoutrement to baptism.
The service was lovely and my sister-in-law and I thought the priest was interesting enough and the church was lovely enough to almost get us to go back. We even talked about going together one Sunday.
After the baptism we all packed into our cars and headed to Lynch Park in Beverly for a cookout and some relaxation. Although honestly, it's a lot of work for someone to get the tables (it's a first come, first served deal), reserve the area with chairs, coolers, tables, grill. Today was a gorgeous day.
Jazmine's mom, Jamie had spread the good news that they are expecting their third!! later this year and we are all very happy for them. Food, cake, gifts and games for the little ones ... a pinata, donuts on a string, sack races ... all fun.
And then the clean up. I didn't do much other than put a few light things into bags. The neck and back are pretty good today -- although I did come home and sleep for two hours -- and then Jamie and DJ gathered us a round to make an announcement.
"Thank you everyone for coming. You all know now that I am expecting our third and today we'd like to ask two of you to be the next baby's godparents." My sister-in-law raises her hand and quips, "pick me! pick me!"
Then Jamie asked Emily if she would be willing to be the new baby's godmother? Emily says, "Sure, why not?" which got a few laughs because every one knows Emily isn't terribly effusive and she's limited in how she expresses herself, but she was beaming from ear to ear.
After she asked Emily, she then asked DJ's sister, Heather if she would be the godmother.
And Heather said, "I am so honored." Jamie explained to all of us that she had spoken to the priest and asked him if two godmothers would be welcome rather than the traditional godmother and godfather and he was quite willing and enthusiastic.
We all said our goodbyes and on the way home Emily was chatting about the new baby.
"Whatsit Mom? Boy or girl?" We don't know Emily. "Jamie know?" No, Jamie doesn't know. She doesn't want to know. She wants to be surprised. "Me too." "OoooH! I so happy!"
"I goin to be a Fairy Godmother!"
Emily & Amy, Lynch Park 2009


Astaryth said...

That will be one lucky baby because Emily will make the best 'fairy godmother' EVAH!

Lisa said...

I'm so happy for Emily and what a beautiful day!! I love baby dedications and baptisms and cermonies like these and good family times together. A new baby coming is such a wonderful exciting time.
Lisa in Kentucky

Becky said...

she will be a wonderful fairy godmother!

Lisa :-] said...

How cool is that!?