Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Staycation Has Me Stymied

My Staycation has me stymied. There's no money for a spa for the deck, a pool for the back yard or a Corvette to cruise in ...

What to do? What to do?

We live in an area truly rich with history and there are beaches, famous and not-so-famous within twenty minutes of home and as far away as a couple of hours drive. Connecticut with Mystic Seaport and two casinos ... Providence, Rhode Island with it's wonderful gourmet offerings as well as lively entertainment ... Boston, Newburyport, Cape Cod ... the Mohawk Trail.

... the mountains of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont are a stone's throw away (as the crow flies) and all three states offer enough recreational activities and relaxing opportunities ...

... right here on the North Shore there are gorgeous beaches, hiking and biking trails, short trips to great shopping and eating as well as historical cities that offer art, theater, museums.

So, let's see, I live smack in the middle of the six New England states and I am wondering how to spend some time off this summer.

There has to be something wrong with me.

I'm still struggling to write for my seemingly defunct, but not quite yet dead, blog.

If I think on that a little too long I get this strange and weird idea that I should somehow start the charge for a class action suit against AOL and its' treatment of us ... but that's just silly. Lots has changed in several months and I've noticed that some folks are posting their blog links on their wall in Face Book, which makes sense.

I'm still finding this blogspot system a bit cumbersome and although I thought I had it all 'down' I've found that since I was absent while sick, I've got to get my own system back in order.

Drat. Sometimes I think I should just give it up, but then I think of all the time and energy we all have put in to the effort and I think ... that's silly too. So I'm hanging in, wishing I had something worthwhile to share with an audience that may be more than just my old AOL neighborhood and friends. Seems to me that AOL J offered just that, a neighborhood feel and here, it's a different culture and something I'm struggling to learn.

Probably just me and my never sleeping mind on over drive again ...

And on the 25th day of June, we finally, finally during the late afternoon saw the sun peek through the clouds. I guess that means that officially, in 25 days we've had just 4 days of sun.

Mackey just celebrated his 7th birthday yesterday with cake and presents! Happy Birthday Mackey! You make me smile.


Fleecenik Farm said...

It's okay to take a break. You've had a lot on your plate. And when you enjoy some of your staycation and relax, you will come back. Happy Birthday Macky

Lisa :-] said...

I have decided to resurrect "Coming to Terms..." after a couple of months of calling it ended. Seems I just can't leave it alone. Even if no one reads.

Welcome back...!

Debra said...

we all have ebbs and flows; most of us do take a break and then a flurry of writing brings it all back. enjoy your staycation, you deserve it. stop trying so hard to eek every moment out, and give yourself permission to take a break without needing to fill that time with something else. slow down, and read, or watch a movie, or take a nap or whatever it is that you can rest your brain and body, love ya, sweet girl

Missie said...

I don't think I could stop blogging. If nothing else, it keeps me sane to write everything down I'm thinking of or feeling.

Have a good weekend.

Lisa said...

I'm glad you are still blogging. I don't think I could give it up either. It's been a great source of comfort and fun and many great friends made here. I think my writing has improved as well.
Lisa in Kentucky

Lisa said...

PS I am fascinated with all the wonderful things to do near where you live. What a wonderful area and I know you will enjoy your summer with all those possibilities and beaches to explore!
Lisa in Kentucky