Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday's Faltering Fodder

A girl and a dress ...

... becomes a princess ...

... on a date with a handsome prince ...

... What!?!! Kissing?

It would be easy for me to write that 'not a thing' has been going on since my last post of April 25th. What?! That long? Yes indeed. So hang in there while I let my mind take a walk back through time.
Emily and boyfriend Steven attended his senior prom on May 16th. This prom was the last of the high school dance experiences for Emily. She'd been to Homecoming, two junior proms and now this, her third senior prom!
Both of my daughters love the girl-lee gig. Nothing better than shopping for a formal dress, shoes, jewelry, make-up and then heading off to the seamstress for the finer fittings and the nail salon and hair salon for all the necessary 'stuff' we girls tend to do. Needed or not.
I confess. I love this 'stuff' too. Honest. I've taught them everything I know and we've learned a few tricks along the way. While my intent is to age gracefully, it'll be okay with me if I carry my wrinkles along ... I earned 'em and I really do love them. Mostly.
Recently my niece wrote that I was a fashion-eesta ... at least, that's how she remembers me being. Her memory is good and while I don't buck the current dressing trends, I don't actually try to wear some of them. Let's face it ... I'm not going to look the way I used to in polyester and spandex. Nope. Not going to.
Health issues are not going to be put aside tonight. Keeping it brief: I'm still in the middle of a process ... there is little to no pain now. I hesitate to say there is none, because each time I think that's gone it comes raging back to me. Two more surgeries to come. It's all good.
It's all good because I have finally crawled my way out of a bout of depression (hidden fairly well if not completely) without the use of prescriptions. I could easily have requested something, anything to help with the problem, but in the past I've been given meds with little to no support ... 'here, take one a day and in three weeks you'll feel better.' Will it fix the problems? 'no, they just won't seem as bad.'
That brand of medicine does not work for me so I took my own route ... writing, reading, exercising, gardening and doing my best to put and keep things in perspective. I don't know ... I'm good. At being 'functionally depressed'. Go figure. (I think this runs in the family)
My flower beds are looking lovely, what with all the work I've been putting in to them. I've planted some new bushes and perennials and just a few annuals and have spent many hours relocating and mulching. More to come.
When I find the time to learn to use the new camera ... I may actually get some good photos. I do like that there is the fully automatic setting, but feel I should be doing so much more. Let me laugh at that. I haven't spent more than five minutes on the manual and I'm hoping to find my muse this summer.

A favorite picture of one of my great nephews taken at Easter this year.
Know what's really cool about this age? Even if you don't have grand kids, you have nieces and nephews who provide you with great-nieces and great-nephews -- it's just as much fun, I think, as having grand kids! Hey wait! Should that be grand-nieces and grand-nephews? Doesn't matter. The little ones bring joy and happiness every time you see them. Who could ask for more?
Golf season should be in full swing and if the weather cooperates any time soon I might get out more often to play. Maybe even play well! I've been on the course a few times this year; stumbling to find my game ... it'll come. I hope. And even if it doesn't I'm out in the fresh air, walking and enjoying the company of good friends.
Oh, and that dammed Face Book. What was I thinking? Okay, I'll tell ya' ... I love FB because I can very quickly keep up with friends and cousins and friendly acquaintances ... the problem is this: you either get behind because you don't read the wall every day or you spend so darned much time reading you don't get to blogs.
Face it Kathy. You are just never satisfied!


Missie said...

I love the dress! They both looked great.

Enjoy your weekend.

Astaryth said...

I've missed you! I know from experience it is easy to just be doing things and suddenly realize you haven't done a blog post in forever... I do it all the time :)

AND, to have a new post and have my favorite Emily being the star of the show? Priceless!! She was beautiful (as always) and definitely looked like a Princess!!!!!

Fleecenik Farm said...

She looks beautiful in that dress! Glad to hear that things are improving!

Odd Mom Out said...

She looked beautiful in her dress. What great pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

I believe you emailed me that 2nd picture some time ago. I loved it then, and I love it now.~Mary